Before culture teaches predjudice. 



8 thoughts on “Truth

  1. that’s just precious…absolutely precious….kids could teach the so called adults a few things couldn’t hey??? which is a bit sad when you think about it….

    If only we could freeze them in
    ‘color blind’ mode…


  2. This is fabulous, lets hope they never change

    Unfortunately, our hopes change when we open the daily newspaper.
    We can dream though.


  3. It looks like they are trying to pick each others noses. If we could all be so innocent that it would not be unseemly to pick each others nostrils it would be a far better world.

    As they say Evyl:
    you can pick your nose, you can pick your friends…but don’t pick your friend’s nose
    A far better world? Probably. A bit stickier as well…


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