8 thoughts on “Cat Punch

  1. 😆 what a cutie…i wouldn’t mind a cat because most of them have so much personality and are a lot of fun, but methinks A-dog might object..mel used to have a chocolate point tonkinese, biggles, and he and jake were great mates but he never tolerated others particularly well…whilst i know the dog needs to be fed i’m not sure feeding him an unsuspecting cat is a good idea

    I loved the pic.
    Love the name Biggles, too. (That’s Mister Biggles, to me.)
    A-pop recovered yet from the big 5-0?


  2. biggles was a real hoot! he’d actually stalk you from one end of the yard to the other cos he’d think you couldn’t see him, then when you turned in his direction he’s stop dead, sort of like “if i don’t move, you can’t see me”..never mind he was in the middle of the damned yard!! bloody lunatic..
    slowly slowly with a-pop, we had a big weekend 🙂
    he’s now decided there are lots of things good about being 50..the post i did about it was the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth…could be an interesting few weeks…for me at any rate 😯

    “if i don’t move, you can’t see me”

    Just like a little kid, huh? Funny.


  3. LOL. It looks like an aerobics class I tried to do and failed. Or was that the tai-bo? Jeez, your cats are in better shape than I. So sad, really. Great little pic.

    Anniecat. I like that.


  4. Hm, I thought we had the only cat boxer. Kelly (our cat) used to sneak up on us and especially visitors while we were sitting on the couch. He would walk along the top of the couch and without reason or warning (from our point of view) double punch us in the back of our heads. Freaked out the guests, while we laughed.
    Since we have our Golden Retriever (quadrupel Kelly’s size if not more) he has taken to wrestling the dog. It’s hilarious. At first I was scared the dog would tear Kelly to pieces, so I told the Kea to stop bugging Kelly. Kelly just used that opportunity for another side attack, meanwhile Kea’s looked at me saying “but how is this fair?”. Kea might be bigger but Kelly has a strategic advantage….. great pic!

    These cats make us laugh as well.
    Guinness likes to hide and surprise the other two by jumping on them.
    Very funny and a constant source of entertainment.


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