Veggie Idea

A while back I posted this about the Veggie car.
Recently, my friend Colin sent me a link to the video above.
The video, which was entered into a “Convienient Truths” contest, features his son Caric.
I’m blown away not only by the awesome planet friendly idea but by the fact that the last time I saw Caric he was wearing diapers.
Tough to get old. Caric sounds almost as smart as his old man. {grin}
Anyway, the contest is all about heightening awareness regarding the global warming issues we currently face.
A kid, a car and an idea. . .
I think I like it.


Sorry I’ve been absent from commenting on my favorite blogs.
Didn’t want to get phlegm all over your dashboards.
See all of you next week. 

5 thoughts on “Veggie Idea

  1. love the way he’s so matter of fact…it’s almost like “HELLO??? think about what you’re doing!!!” 🙂
    great idea given the current climate…

    I picked up on that too.
    His Dad is a great guy and is teaching his son well.


  2. Awesome!! I’m thinking I need to share this with my Environmental Science class next time we meet! I just saw a sign on the PA Turnpike last night for bio-diesel! We’re getting there, slowly but surely!!

    I also got to see An Inconvenient Truth in my Science class over the weekend. It made me just want to run out of the room crying. That movie has made a huge impact on me. I intend on sharing that with as many people as I can.

    Share, share, share.
    It’s the only way.


  3. Very cool video guys! Parents have a huge influence on their kids and I’m sure his parent’s concern for the environment, will carry over to Caric as he grows older. More people should be doing their part to help the environment. I myself have replaced all of our light bulbs with the energy saving type. It’s too late to help ourselves, but we can make things better for our kids and future generations.

    I agree, it’s all about the kids. As it should be.


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