I am currently a mucus machine on overdrive.
If I could find a way to hook up some wipers to my monitor, I would continue to blog.
Sick, huh?
Ah, in a perfect world.
Watch for some mindless stuff over the next few days while I try to recuperate.
Later gators. I’m off to drink some tea. . .


6 thoughts on “Sneezy

  1. Just make sure you put some honey and maker’s mark in that tea. Also, if you sleep with your head slightly elevated you won’t have the bad night time coughing (something about mucus hitting the back of the throat). Get some rest, take it easy.

    I’ll be sleeping on the train in about an hour. No Maker’s, though.
    Tanks, Annie.


  2. i second what annie said….and don’t lay on your back, any fluid will go straight to your lungs and you’ll cough one of them up…go sleeep if you can, it’s the best healer in the world….see you in a few days
    if the tea doesn’t work just get really, really drunk and then you won’t care anyway 🙂

    That’s all I feel like doing: sleeping.
    I’ll be up and around in a bit…


  3. Hot whiskey (learn’t that in a pub in Ireland and is the only thing that ever had an immediate response – ……. hchm….. ) and leave any milk products alone for at least two weeks. Gesundheit!

    Yeah, the milk will kill you. Chocolate, too.
    Hot whiskey, huh?
    That would be worth a try.
    Maybe follow it up with a Guinness? (and repeat. . . )


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