9 thoughts on “Tastes like?

  1. some of them just don’t think when they do things like this do they??
    and i have to say, that hannah beat you to it amused me no end 🙂

    We’re still laughing about it around here, too…


  2. Family blogging?
    This has to stop-M, I can’t keep up!

    I know it, huh?
    She loves that you already paid her a visit.
    She didn’t even ask me who ‘pooftha’ was…


  3. The family that blogs together…..uh, well, I don’t know.
    You’re breaking new ground, here.

    Ayup. We’ll see how it all pans out.
    At least I can keep an eye on her.


  4. You know what the really sad part is? I actually like these horrid things. Of course, I have the culinary acumen of a junkyard dog. (Some would say the personality of one, too.)


    [reply by author removed by author] 😉


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