Hannah Banana

I was supposed to blog tonight and I had something fairly cool to post but. . .
My youngest daughter, Hannah, has been caught up in the MySpace.com frenzy and I suggested she start a blog on WordPress if she really wanted to share her feelings and opinions.
It was a chance for me to share some of my blogging knowledge and a chance for her to express her inner self. Cool.
I ask that you pay her a visit and just leave a comment.
I think she’d get a charge out of it and it may inspire her to actually create some fairly cool stuff.
I’m not looking for you to blogroll her (unless you really want to, please don’t feel obligated)
I just want her to have some fun with this.
She already has.
I thank you in advance.
(the proud Dad)

ps. she picked the jpeg above, which I told her was gay. Maybe I’m just out of touch. . .


11 thoughts on “Hannah Banana

  1. Thanks for the awesome blog dad. And i don’t care what anyone says, that monkey holding the banana is rad. =) I love you dad.


    Enjoy it kiddo. Any questions, just ask.


  2. The monkey’s a bit too perky for my personal taste, but whatever floats her boat.

    It’s nice she has someone to help get her up and blogging, it took me a bit to figure it out on my own.


    I’m with ya Kelsey.
    Thanks for visiting Hannah.


  3. Gay? Why, whatever do you mean by that? Are you inferring that the above is a picture of a homosexual monkey? (He IS holding that banana pretty tight.) 8)



  4. Just a quick note to say thanks for making Hannah’s first post a blazing success. I’ve explained that she needs to acknowledge the comments but she’s confused as to what to say. I told her to just think about what people had written and go from there.
    Again, thanks. Who knows how ling the bug will last.
    She called me on the train tonight to tell me she ‘posted’.
    I cracked up. Hot ticket…
    Thanks again, folks.


  5. Hannah Banana,,,,,how very neat! The monkey has a banana, but has no feet! Who needs feet? when Hannah is sweet? Oh, Hannah Banana,,,,,,you’re such a treat!
    Go Hannah!
    I’m not a poet and I know it….but welcome dear Hannah!

    Thanks Matty. Hannah will like this comment when she reads it.


  6. I been, I’ve yet to comment, but with the rush through the front doors thought i’d pop back after the initial wave and sneak in in the middle of the night….hehehehehehe
    Way cool name though! Oh and I LOVE the pic!

    I’m sure she’d love to hear what you think about Hot Pockets


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