A pic of a deeply sleeping Guinness before I join him.
I plan on buying a decent digital camera with this year’s tax refund so I can
keep those of you interested in the growth of our little tiger up to date.
To see his marbled coat change should be a real treat.
We learned the other day that Bengals have unusually large paws.
Found out that Guinness has frickin’ baseball gloves.
A bit odd in proportion to his body.
He’ll grow into them no doubt.
Bought a laser light for the cats today.
Damn, it’s funny to watch them chase it.
They exercise, I laugh. Good stuff.
Long day, folks.
And I’m tired of thinking…
Night all.


ps. Happy Birthday, J.M.M (17)
(luvya, Dad)

9 thoughts on “Catdreams

  1. well isn’t that just the sweetest picture!!! never thought of the laser light thing!! almost wish i had a cat to do it to….but between a-pop, zoe and a-dog i have more than enough to keep me amused 🙂
    and happy birthday to, i’m thinking, number 2 daughter? or did i get the cat by the wrong end there? 😉

    No, Moe. You got it right.
    I liked the pic as well.
    More to come.


  2. Yeah, sweet kitty pic and banner pic. I always think I don’t want you to change the banner, but then you put up another great picture!

    I liked it too.
    I guess I just get bored looking at the same thing.


  3. He is so stinkin cute! But I truly have a soft spot for tiger cats since I have one. He’s the best buddy!!

    They’re so different than dogs, aren’t they?
    Guinness is turning into a very good buddy.


  4. OMG, if I buy another cd can I have him??!! You know, like a free set of steak knives or something??!

    You’d have to ask the four women that are in madly in love with him first.
    Then we’ll see… 😉


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