Working on some stuff in the journal.
The words don’t seem to want to cooperate.
Sombitch. Give me a few days.
For now, enjoy the pic.
And yes, if I were in this situation,
the outcome could be described using this culinary euphemism for death:
just add maggots. . .


ps. tnx, LS for the email

11 thoughts on “Dead

  1. i actually feel for this guy…the wife looks like a real barrel of fun doesn’t she!!….no problem while they look with their eyes and not their hands i don’t think 🙂

    That was the first thing I thought regarding the wife.
    She should be playing Bingo somewhere…


  2. As I always say just cause you’re on a diet don’t mean you can’t look at the menu

    Yeah, you just can’t order anything though. ;(((


  3. I’m just curious, why is it when men can’t concentrate they put up naked pics on the blog? Must do something to the thinking synapses, right? lol.

    Don’t you know the hourglass figure of a naked woman calms the innerworkings of the male mind?

    (Yeah, right. We’re all pigs.)


  4. Personally I couldn’t get past the fanny pack the “misses” is wearing. Never ever wear a fanny pack. NEVER.

    Yeah, the fanny pack was a real turn-on, huh?
    Probably holds her Bingo Inkers. . .


  5. Clearly the wife has done a very effective job of emasculating her husband over the years. I would have thrown the old troll over the bridge even if there wasn’t a gorgeous semi-naked woman a mere two yards to the left.

    Oh, and WC, just to answer your question: staring at a blank screen is agonizing, staring at a woman’s ass is fun. Yeah, we’re pretty much all pigs.


    I think the poor guy just needs to have his eyes checked.


  6. hey you had me belieiving that hourglass thing til you brought up the whole pig thang. next time for the sake of your female readers why not put up a naked guy? with a really cute butt? i mean fair is fair, right? 😉

    Don’t know if I can do a male fanny.


  7. i second wc here michael…even i did one for the boys and one for the girls at chrissie, and one of my recent posts was for the boys…no visuals i admit, but i can change that real quick cos i have some GREAT photos here :giggle:

    Alright, I’m going to have to think about this.
    I’ll post something in the next week or so but it will be my way.
    And no naked fannies… 😉


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