I’m appalled by the attitude of these two clowns.
They freak out an entire city and have the audacity to consider it a joke.
They want to talk about hairstyles of the 70’s?
How about the fact that you drained needed medical resources and cost the city over half a million dollars? Asswipes.

Stevens, you are a smug putz to the nth power.
And please wipe that stupid smile off your face.
Berdovsky, someone should grab you by your greasy dreads and launch your ass off the Tobin Bridge.
Cut your Bob-Marley-wannabe hair, shitstain, this was definitely not funny.

Whatever happens I pray they throw the proverbial book at these two wastes of skin.
If they showed even one shred of remorse I might have thought about it differently.
If you feel the need to purge heavily, click the video link below. (& learn about hairstyles!)
I couldn’t even post it because it makes me ill.
Fur sure. . .



8 thoughts on “Clowns

  1. God, what losers. I hope the prison guards shaves their heads. And, I hope Boston garnishes their wages (assuming they could land jobs) for the rest of their lives.

    That would be a great idea, especially the shaved head thing.


  2. I found it both amusing and irritating when I read that dreadlock boy is a “freelance digital media artist”. Translation: he’s unemployed!!! Why else do you think he’s running around Boston in sub-freezing weather putting up Light Brights? Artist my ass! This idiot had better savor his fifteen minutes of fame; I don’t think there’ll be many more.


    The world can only hope.
    As you said, his ilk will someday be leading the country.
    Oh, the horrors…


  3. How smug and smarmy! Did all of Boston ask to see their comedy act? Were I their parents, I would be so ashamed. But sadly and realistically, in our society, they will laugh all the way to the bank and never lack for a job again. But before that happens, I think that extensive community service in those orange jumpsuits — on the street where the people of Boston can watch a show where they aren’t having so much fun — is in order. Don’t you? Say, cleaning graffiti, cleaning litter, etc…

    I really like the orange jumpsuit idea.
    Great comment, Galvanized.
    Have you seen the latest?
    The clowns were actually caught on film videotaping the police response at Sullivan Sq.
    Their lawyer says it’s their way of documenting the world around them.
    What a load of crap.


  4. As a follow up M.. seems these to jokers were getting their jollies off watching the bomb squads and police that day attempting to disable these things… seems they were caught on a video camera somewhere reportedly taking video of the Boston Authorities working

    See the comment from Galvanized
    Put orange suits on these jamokes and send them out to clean up a very busy highway.
    While you’re at it, get Berdovsky a new set of teeth.


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