Unauthorized Far Side Tribute 7

Worth 1000.com is doing a Gary Larson tribute.
If you follow Larson (The Far Side), some of the pics will be immediately recognizable.
I check the Worth site often to see what they’re up to.
This was too good to keep to myself.
If you like Photoshop, you’ll love this.
I’m also sure I’ll catch some shit for posting this pic.
Click on the ominous sky above and get ready to chuckle.
I have a few important things I need to tend to over the next few days so posting will be light.
Got a nice one in the woiks for the weekend.
Talk amongst yourselves and puuuhleese browse the archives.

9 thoughts on “Unauthorized Far Side Tribute 7

  1. Far side totally rocks, for a few years there I had the day a page calendar….and a new cartoon on EVERY single one of them! Can’t seem to find one I like now though 😦

    I got a Far Side calendar for Christmas.
    It gives me my daily fix of Larson. Love it.
    My daughters know me so well…


  2. Far Side and Calvin and Hobbes. Two strips that I have no idea why they disappeared, but I still mourn their loss. And now Foxtrot. What’s a girl to do?

    It does suck, doesn’t it?
    I don’t get it.
    C&H was a great strip.


  3. Michael,
    Sorry! I was told I can’t nominate you for the ‘Share the Love’ awards…it’s for women only.

    No prob, Matty.
    Thanks for thinking of me.
    Maybe I should start a woman’s blog with me writing…
    Hmmm. Nah. 😉


  4. Lurking around in your blog, I found this, and I’m so glad I found this, thanks so much, I luurve Gary Larson’s Far Side!
    /me goes off to worth100.com now

    Larson rocks.


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