Haikus are simple
But sometimes they don’t make sense
Air conditioner



14 thoughts on “Simplicity

  1. LOL! Good one! In my Asian Art class, the prof is going to have us do some calligraphy, probably our names. Hope he doesn’t make us write any haiku’s. I just don’t get it.

    The form is somewhat cool.
    Though they confuse the hell out of me sometimes.
    And a master, I am not. God, I sound like Yoda…


  2. You don’t like haikus?
    The cat is on my keyboard
    Aliens landing

    Very cute, LW.
    I have the feeling that you could write haiku while you sleep.
    And yes, I do like haikus. I just can’t write them.


  3. I am picking up what you are putting down here.
    You’re a genius.

    I don’t know about genius.
    No matter how many home courses I take I just can’t seem to get the hang of brain surgery.
    Go figure.


  4. Ah, come on; every writer has moments of genius.
    Your air conditioner moment, genius. It was better than any punctuation. An excellent ending indeed.

    My ‘air conditioner’ moment. Hmm…ok. I like that.
    I know it can’t be a ‘hair conditioner’ moment…
    WC will explain…


  5. I thought I’d responded to this, but I guess not….dammit!
    Two words…fuckin genius!!!
    Love it….

    You did respond. But I’ll take two nice comments instead… 😉


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