9 thoughts on “Father and daughter(s)

  1. How sad! Maybe one day I too will be reunited with my dad! The melody was haunting,,,,’Oh, how we danced’? Somehow I kept thinking of Edith Piaf, the little sparrow.

    Hey Matty-
    I found the video to be more bittersweet than anything.
    I love the animated stuff you can find now and then on YouTube.


  2. Well, I got to watch it today when I came into work (a fast connection.) It was sad. Very sad. At first I knew exactly how the little girl felt. Maybe if my Dad had ‘left’ sooner, I’d still be waiting for him. But I don’t know. After all the nightmares I’ve had since he’s been gone, I wonder… I guess if the Lord wants us to meet up in the ‘hereafter’ I’ll be ready for it. I know it’s possible.

    Damn, let me dry my eyes. The animation was neat. I’d like to learn how to do something like that.

    I don’t know, Lolly.
    Sometimes I see stuff like this and though it is sad it’s sweet in many ways as well.
    And I want to spread it around.
    I’m hoping that’s a good thing.


  3. OK, I admit it, I read the comments and chickened out. I lost my dad too recently to watch something sad about dads and daughters. 😦

    No worries.
    It’s here should you ever feel the need.


  4. I really loved this. But you know, I could swear I saw this years ago when I was a child. I wonder if it is based on a previous film or French urban legend or something.

    May have to look into that.
    I thought it was wonderful.
    I’m surprised at the river of emotions that have surfaced.
    It does have this innocence and antiquity about it, doesn’t it?


  5. i have speakers at home where it takes forever to buffer, but not here at work where it plays properly…after having watched it without the sound, i’m thinking it’s best i don’t have sound here…i would have been crying by the time it was finished..great post michael..very touching….

    The music is very sweet and sentimental.
    I think it really adds to the overall feel and appreciation of the animation.
    My thoughts, though…


  6. Absolutely touching and sweet
    I still have lots of emotions since my Dad passed away and it’s been 9 years.

    Thanks, Lynn.
    I really liked this too.


  7. This movie won an Oscar in 2000 for best animated short film. Michael Dudok de Wit was previously nominated for “the monk and the fish” in 1994, both well deserved in my opinion. Unfortunately, these small treasures often get missed inmidst the 2 hour ones…… Thanks Michael for giving it some more well deserved stage presence. SP

    I love this kind of stuff.
    Whenever I find something like this, it will be posted.
    Have you seen “Obsession“?
    Very cool…
    btw- thanks for the Christmas CD write up, SP. I’m saving one for you when you’re ready. 😉


  8. hey- how come I haven’t heard back from you? Are we still going to have dinner?

    I sent you a personal reply.
    Of course we’re still having dinner.
    Just figuring out when is the tough part.


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