6 thoughts on “Ghost

  1. I am more of the “shadow person.” BUT! I would have to turn out about once a year, like on Halloween, to play a few tricks.

    But mostly, I’d stay hidden away in my big old rundown house and overgrown gardens, rocking away those hot summer evenings on the front porch and coaxing some mournful tunes from the old pump organ during the long winter nights.

    Oh, you’re one of THOSE type ghosts… 😉
    Halloween would be fun, wouldn’t it?


  2. same as you…no surprise for me either…some of these quizzes can be fun…some are lame, but every now and again you find a good one like this

    This was a ‘running out of steam’ post.
    And yeah, there are some lameass quizzes out there.


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