Yes, I’m crying in my Guinness…
How can you lose a game that finds you winning 21-3 after the first half?
The Pats found a way to do it.
btw-What was the line on the game? {shaking head}


7 thoughts on “38-34

  1. crying “in” your Guinness??? you don’t won’t to rephrase that before someone (perhaps me or kel) ask the obvious question, given the name of your newest baby?? 😉
    (didn’t think about THAT when you named him huh?)


  2. Sorry, but not very; I’m from Indiana, after all. You must admit that it was a very exciting game. 😉

    Exciting only if you’re from Indiana. 😉


  3. whoo whoo mikees crying…..nothing worse than water downed guinness…sorry I just needed to break your gonads M…
    Hope you and Pats nation have a speedy recovery and stay away from the bridges around Boston today I hear they are lined up 10 ft deep on the Tobin….

    Damn that water’s cold.


  4. I was soo hoping to see that whiney little bitch, Manning, pimp slapped. Looks like I will have to wait and watch da Bears do it.

    I’m rooting for Chicago as well.
    And I pray Manning stops making those dumb ass commercials of his.


  5. Perhaps Caldwell should have opened his eyes a little more to actually catch the ball…

    He was dropping passes that my grandmother could have caught.
    He got Marty Feldman eyes, huh?


  6. Awww! I’m sorry. That was an amazing game. And that final interception was the same play where he’d nearly been intercepted earlier. Tough loss, but it was a hard-fought game.

    It was a great game for the first half anyway.
    The Pats bottomed out after that.


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