Cigars, good friends & football

At 6:30pm tomorrow night (EST), I will be sitting on my ass and smoking a really nice cigar, probably, a Cuban.
I will be spending the night watching the Pats game at a beautiful condo in Chelsea (on a 56″ plasma TV in HiDef, yeah, it sucks but somebody has to watch, right?).
DB’s living room overlooks the Tobin bridge and the lurking Boston skyline, a sight that would just take your breath away, especially at night.

The GunSlinger and possibly CAN will be there and life will be good for a short while.
Close friends, awesome cigars, cheezy chinese food, copious beers (possibly some bourbon, after the 3rd quarter) and a disgusting number of fluttering F-bombs. . . (uttered mostly by me) will be the order of the night.
Yeah, it must be a guy thing because my wife just isn’t that excited.
But she’s actually given me her blessing to go.
Maybe she’s glad she can watch the game in peace.
God, I love my wife simply because she understands the fundamental alchemy of cigars, good friends and football.
I am a lucky man.
Go figure.
Go Tom Brady.
Go Stephen Gostkowski.
Just Go, for God’s sake.
Later on…


ps. here’s hoping Viniateri gets a wicked leg cramp on his first kick

pps. that’s a real cigar at the top of the post. It’s made by A.Fuente.

10 thoughts on “Cigars, good friends & football

  1. You get to have all the fun!
    Cool banner picture. See the smiley face?
    I have a thing for boxes – humidors included. But I don’t have a humidor yet.
    Remember when kids used cigar boxes for their school supplies?

    That’s the cool thing about being a Patriots fan.
    I was wondering if someone would see the smiley face.
    Now if you can tell me which building it is, you will amaze me.
    {hint} it’s next to the Prudential Center…
    I didn’t notice it until I actually uploaded the picture.
    My daughters still use cigar boxes for everything from jewelry to nic-nacks.
    They’re works of art, in a way.


  2. Wild guess, since you gave me a hint: the Prudential Tower? I know next to nothing about Boston. You tell me.

    It’s the Hancock building (next to the Pru)


  3. Pats just about found there first loss last night. And against who?????

    Scary. Just plain scary.
    I had to work early on Monday morning so I went to bed after the first half (and feeling less than enthusiastic regarding how the Pats played)
    I expected to wake up this morning and check ESPN.Com to see a score something like 56-17 Patriots win!
    Imagine my surprise. I almost spit out my damn coffee.
    Philly? Sheesh . . . .


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