As promised, several pictures of Guinness, our bengal.

No pic series would be complete without at least one brew.

A nice pic of his marbled coat which will ‘stretch’ as he gets older.

Guinness doing his best ‘Kilroy was here’ impression.

My little boy…

So far, so good.
A bit of hissing between the three of them but that’s to be expected.
The quality of the pictures is so-so.
Maybe it’s time for a new digital camera…



7 thoughts on “Guinness

  1. That Guinness could make me like cats. Not beer! But maybe cats… 😉

    The beer (Guinness) is the nectar of the Gods, IMHO.
    May I die drowning in a deep vat of the brown ale…
    And yes, Guinness (the cat) could definitely make you a cat person.
    Like the old saying goes, anyone that doesn’t like cats must have been a mouse in a former life. 😉


  2. Aw, what a beautiful little guy! He looks so sweet. I hope you aren’t actually feeding him guinness though. 😉

    No, no, no…the Guinness is for moi!
    He is home and yes, he would melt your heart.
    In a span of a week, I’ve fallen in love with a cat. Go figure.


  3. He’s just adorable!! I will admit that I’ve never really considered myself a cat person, but seem to love all that I come across!

    Oh, he gets cooler by the day.


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