Ode to the winter solstice


Click on the above ‘Bumble’ and be transported to a part of the world
where it’s sunny and 84 degrees (last time I checked)(Sydney, Australia).
If you live here in the Northeast, anything above 40 would feel warm and call for shorts and a t-shirt.
So click on the Bumble and check out my guest post called “When the Wind Blows“.
I thank you in advance.


6 thoughts on “Ode to the winter solstice

  1. Thanks Michael!! I’m with WC, that line had me laughing, and probably not sleeping tonight!
    Great post….thanks for taking the time out and being my first guest poster!

    You are most welcome. It was my day off today and I didn’t want to keep you waiting anymore.
    You asked me in December for God’s sake.
    Glad you liked it, Kell.


  2. Very funny! But how is your daughter ever going to learn how to unstick her own doors? When she moves out are you going over to do it for her? 😛 Sorry…this coming from the girl who knew where all of her major (auto) fluids belonged by the age of 14, and who can change a tire on her own in less than 10 minutes. 😀

    At 16, I don’t seriously think she knows a car has fluids…


  3. I’ve recently seen pics from down under over the holidays. My one profesor is an Aussie and went home and was nice enough to bring us “happy snaps” from the trip. 90 degrees…thanks!!

    “Happy snaps”?
    Love it.


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