Another candle extinguished.
Happy Birthday, Moe. . .



11 thoughts on “4'

  1. Happy Birthday M… I know it’s your bday causee you have the same one as my hephew Travis he is the big 10 today hope you enjoy your pooftha roll LMHO


  2. Pamela, Gerry, Lolly, Jennifer, WC, Kell, SF and SP-

    Thank you so much for the warm wishes.
    It was a strange one but good at the same time.
    Watch the blog for pics of the latest addition to the Murphy clan.
    [hint] he’s furry and his name is Guinness. Google ‘marbled bengal cats’ and you’ll have an idea of where I’m going with this.
    Thanks again, everybody!



  3. Happy ‘Belated’ Birthday Michael! Hope the day was great!
    Welcome to Guinness! Imagine…..you having a cat named Guinness?? 🙂 I’m SO surprised! NOT!

    John made me do it with his Christmas present! 😉


  4. as you know i’ve been away so this is a bit late, but happy birthday anyway, to both of you, i hope your day was brilliant…Guinness was your pressie or simply too delightful to resist?

    Actually, my present was the pair of Bose OE headphones (which are awesome)
    Check out the posts tagged ‘my cats’ to find out how Guinness “just happened”.
    Nice to see you back, Moe.


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