Spam. It’s Crazy Tasty


The best spam I’ve recieved to date:

She said: “Are you going to sulk all day?”
He said: “What d’you expect? I’ve been married to you for 60 years.”

Hearing Aids
(hyperlink removed)



7 thoughts on “Spam. It’s Crazy Tasty

  1. it’s funny, but i don’t get the connection to the spam. i’m dense i know. sorry.

    Which spam?
    The Spam pic or the spam I received on my blog?
    Both are spam, just different types of it.
    I hate to see people feel ‘dense’… 😉


  2. I used to buy one can of Spam a month as a treat, till someone told me it was made from pig’s snouts! That did it! I am now Spam-free!

    No, no, no, Matty….
    Spam is made out of people! 😉
    Go to and find the Spam pic. Hysterical.


  3. I keep getting spam that starts with the line, ‘Do you want to meet fuck-buddies in your neighborhood.’ If these douchebags looked at some of my neighbors they wouldn’t ask that damn question.’

    Spammers; they just don’t get the big picture, do they?


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