Junk in a Box

Didn’t have much time to write for my first post of 2007 but I did find you a hearty laugh compliments of my good friend DB.
I laughed myself into oblivion with this one.
Actually, I had tears in my eyes.
It is blatantly suggestive but nothing downright nasty.
Justin Timberlake in one of his finest performances…
Hope you find it as funny as I did.

Happy New Year everybody!
2007 is going to be great.
I just know it.


11 thoughts on “Junk in a Box

  1. Well now there’s the gift for the woman who has everything. Nice wrapping. 😉

    I thought so. 😉
    Just couldn’t stop laughing when I saw this.
    I kinda like the tune, too…


  2. O.M.G.

    i don’t think i’ve ever seen my husband laugh so loudly at a YouTube clip, except maybe during that whole WoW funeral fiasco.

    Not sure I understand what the WoW game is all about but I’m glad hubby got a jolt from D.I.A.B.
    I think the video is more of a guy thang, albeit a very funny one.


  3. It takes a certain level of twisted humor to truly be my friend. And you certainly are my friend.

    I’m cutting a hole in a cardboard box. I can’t wait for my lovely wife to come home.

    Oh, man. Don’t let her know my blog gave you the idea, alright? 😆
    I want you to visit again…
    Thanks for the visit, brother.


  4. That’s freakin hilarious!! I’ve gained new respect for Mr. Timberlake recently. First, because he’s funny as heck on SNL and second because when he was recently asked to comment on Britney’s impending divorce he responded “Isn’t there a war going on in Iraq?” Right on brutha!!

    Didn’t even know that, Carn. Coolbeans.
    I like him too. And he sings his ass off to boot.
    Glad you liked the vid…
    HNY, kiddo.


  5. Painful-He is a DICK!

    No, no, no…
    I was going for the comedic value of the video.
    Maybe you would have liked it if the title had been “Pooftah in a box”. . . 😆


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