Fuzzroast and . . .


A few things to tie up the year.
make sure you visit my good buddy Fuzz and check out my contribution to his roast.
Click on the fuzzbox above and be transported to a pretty funny post.

Also, just found out that WordPress is trying this new feature called ‘Snap‘.
It’s trial run is being introduced on 10% of the WP blogs.
I’m one of them.
I think they want me to feel special. Which is fine with me.
Hover over a hyperlink in my “Last Post” or any of the links below and you’ll see how Snap works. Pretty cool.

Lastly, a shoutout to some of the other poets and writers I missed that have made my blog so interesting in the past year:

Winterland, a blog of wonderful prose
Vancouver Calling, a weblog that’s has some great photos and writing
They call me crazy, the blog of Marty, a frequent commenter here at S&M
Lovely Red Rose, Lolly’s warm and cozy nook in the blogosphere
Flightpattern, one of the most intense blogs I’ve read this year

I thank all of you for making this year so great for me.
I appreciate your candor, incredible understanding and infinite wisdom.
You make me keep my eyes open to the world that surrounds me.
See you all next year.
Be safe, be well. . .


9 thoughts on “Fuzzroast and . . .

  1. Your Roast was a hoot!! (and I would imagine, spot on 😉 )

    Re: “Snap” – Damn Cool!

    Fuzz is a great guy. It was a blast writing my contribution…


  2. Michael,
    Glad for the recognition of my blog’s intensity. It has been intense, every single step of the path I’m trudging. And I write to help myself bear it and to hold out hope to at least one other person who might be suffering like me.

    Thank God we have paper and pens, huh? 😉
    Honestly, I don’t know what I’d do if I couldn’t get some of this stuff out.
    Keep that pen moving, FP. It will make for a great 2007…
    Be well,


  3. i recently added this unique individual to my blogroll…and nearly wet my pants laughing over the roast you guys got going…as with all my others, i visit on a regular basis….doesn’t matter if there is no new post, he still makes me smile with what’s already there 🙂
    i saw the snap thing in that post…it’s a great idea i think..

    Yeah, with Fuzz, you never know what you’re going to get.
    I’ve found myself going back to re-read some of his posts.
    Very funny and brutally honest man. Love ‘im…


  4. Hey, thanks for the plug (and the nice words.) Fuzz’s roast was fun. He’s……something else!

    He most certainly is.
    Creative, smart and very phunny.
    You are most welcome for the plug.


  5. Well Michael,

    I sure hope you had a great time saying goodbye to 2006 and bringing in 2007! I enjoyed exploring Fuzz’s site and your hilarious contribution to it.

    Thanks for the shoutout, it is most appreciated!


    Thanks, Jen.
    You are most welcome for the ‘shout-out’.
    You write some most wonderful things…


  6. You did a great job on the roast. Thanks for everything. Hope the new year brings nothing but the best for you and yours.

    Thanks, Fuzz.
    Right back atcha, bud…


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