Turn this pic upside down and it’s a light bulb; a brilliant idea that should have been executed so long ago.
Welcome to Hell, Saddam.
Sleep in pieces, you stinkin’ creep.



6 thoughts on “Noose

  1. I totally agree I stayed up most of the night watching Fox News Channel..I was amazed that the coward didn’t want to wear a hood.
    I am glad the people of Iraq did this for themselves..If it was me that found him in that spiderhole I might have accidently had a grenade slip out of my hand…..

    That would have been a ‘MasterCard’ priceless moment.


  2. Hopefully with Sadam being snuffed out like the bug that he is, we can all get some closure on that heinous piece of scum. Iraqis who experienced his oppression must be feeling some serious relief.

    ~ PG

    As far as relief goes, I certainly hope so.


  3. what a wonderful way to start the new year, knowing this piece of shit has been cleaned from the face of the earth..i know i’ll wake with a smile on new year’s day

    I’ll wake with a smile as well and take a nice steaming dump in his honor.
    Noice, eh?


  4. Well you already know my opinion – I hope the bastard is sweating his balls off right now and pretty much for the rest of eternity – which I hear is a pretty long time.

    Almost not quite long enough…


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