6 thoughts on “Time in 2006

  1. I just spent too much time looking at the photos. The one I voted for had received the most votes. I’m sort of surprised. I just kept thinking, “Could I have taken a photo of this scene and have it come out so impressive?” i’ll have to go look at it again.

    Knock yourself out, kiddo.
    Lord knows, I already have…


  2. Maybe I’m too picky but I wasn’t terribly impressed with most of them. They struck as standard political pics for the most part. I did really like the pic of the volcano though – nature’s fierce beauty is hard to beat.


    I had a feeling I’d see this comment from you, Annie.
    Yeah, political is a great and insightful description and I agree.
    Makes for some great photography though (IMHO), yes?
    I also had the feeling you’d like the volcano (I did)


  3. i got to the 2nd one and nearly cried..as wc said, many were political, but that one was just…i don’t know, maybe it was the mother and child together with her still trying to comfort the child regardless of her own injury…

    When a picture can move me emotionally, it simply amazes.


  4. It’s funny how differently we each remember the year isn’t it? It’s always interesting seeing others perceptions through photographs, and ultimately thats what photographs are, somebodies perceptions…they think one thing is worth capturing forever, and another one not…..

    Maybe hindsight IS 20/20…


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