Santagirl and Sarah Flanigan


My good blogging friend Ded Woehr wrote a great (and somewhat controversial) post called “Is Santa a woman?”
It’s wonderfully written and an absolute hoot to read.

Speaking of wonderfully written, stop by and read Sarah Flanigan’s Christmas Rant.
Didn’t know Sarah had it in her.
I’m talking about two wonderfully crazed (and creative) women serious about chronicling the holidays.
And they write really, really good.
Need a smile for the holidays?
Visit Deb and Sarah.
I think you’re looking at a few laughs . . . at the very least.
God knows we all need it.


4 thoughts on “Santagirl and Sarah Flanigan

  1. i agree, deb’s post is brilliant! it’s an absolute must read. mine on the other hand…well let’s say there was a little head exploding going on last night, but it’s much better today. 😉

    thanks for the post promotion, dear boy.

    You’re welcome, Sarah, and the head exploding thing sounds all too interesting…. 😉


  2. i enjoyed both….hadn’t seen the “is santa a girl” post but had already commented on sarah’s….both enjoyable and a good giggle 🙂

    Giggles are good this time of year…


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