Somewhere, amidst the shattered crystal silence of daybreak. . .
I find you
the dusty silhouette of a life
resting on a shelf in my mind that’s sadly gathering dust,
the gentle flutter of wings sets the shadows free
I watch as you dance among the countless stars, set deep in the face of a forever-winter sky

a whisper; but a sotto-voce prayer moves me through a time and space where I realize I have lost you all over again
A transient streak of starlight falls into the invisible arms of the waiting horizon
and I look to the east, my heart finally believing in the goodbyes and the time stained no mores
and I begin to understand why
He chose you
to shine
so soon…

Just some thoughts regarding the past . . .
Please don’t ask, it’s way too deep.



10 thoughts on “Nebula

  1. no one can snake their way into a heart the way you can. no explanations needed – it’s clearly too personal to ask. but the orbit around your thoughts was a lovely ride. thank you my dear friend.

    Lord knows, I try.
    Thanks Annie.


  2. What a beautiful and touching write. I do understand how personal this is for you, but it brings out many feelings for me as well. Thank you.


    Maybe that’s what poetry is all about. . .
    Thanks, Jen.


  3. Michael, the way you take a memory and make it something very real for the reader is why you are a writer. We don’t need to know what your writing about, you make us search our own memories…thankyou.

    Not sure what to say here except ‘thank you’. . .


  4. you have a way of taking (what, on the surface, appears to be ) the simplest thing and turning it into something so beautiful that it gives me goose bumps….this is just wonderful….

    I’m all about the goosebumps, Mum.
    I really enjoyed writing this short post.
    As I said, it’s a deep one but I think I did it some justice which was enough for me.
    So many hits on this post but only 4 comments…
    People must think I bite. 😉


  5. i used to think so…i was coming here for months before i’d leave a comment…nowadays i just bite back 😆
    and it’s always hard to comment on something that’s deep and personal…or maybe you just have lots of people lurking like i used to?



  6. It’s odd how sometimes the saddest, most heart wrenching things can also be so beautiful.


    It’s all in how we choose to look at it, yes?
    Perception and interpretation are curious bedfellows.
    Thanks for the comment, Kelsey…


  7. Wish I knew more as your lines leave me somewhat stranded in your universe. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good place to be and your lines do carry……. it’s just there is a heaviness that begs the question ‘why’. And Fuzz is right, it’s what I see in many other a great poet.

    Maybe it’s the seeds of mystery surrounding this post that make it what it is.
    It came from a deep place that no one will ever know about.
    Writers need to have such a place, yes?
    Thanks for the wonderful comment, SP.
    I blush at the actual thought of *poet*.
    You? Yes.
    Me? Nahhhh…


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