Bad Morning

It’s here again?



7 thoughts on “Bad Morning

  1. That’s why we have remote starters you’re sure you have the right car

    No. It’s why we have alarms we can’t seem to shut off…


  2. That is one reason I drive a beat up pick up truck. I never mistake it for another vehicle.

    I drive a pick-up as well but for different reasons…
    And it’s a bitch to clean off in the winter.


  3. lmfao…..these are the reasons i like living in the tropics…..

    I never considered Australia tropical.
    Strange, huh?
    I did see it was about 80 degrees the other day.
    I’m jealous.


  4. we’re in nth queensland, above the tropic of capricorn…it’s always warm & tropical..and i hate snow..which made this all the funnier cos i don’t have to deal with it 🙂

    Tropic of Capricorn? Love that term.
    And I hate snow, too.


  5. Oh my….is that a LAUGH OUT LOUD moment, or what? I know that could easiily be me. That’s why it’s so funny. I often say I must have a huge ‘L’ on my forehead and it’s not for Lynn.
    Thanks for the laugh 🙂

    Anytime, L… (that’s for Lynn) 😉


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