7 thoughts on “QOD (4writers)

  1. i like this…says nothing and yet it says so much..

    i’m loving the ever changing scenery in your header by the way…almost like being on holidays some days 🙂

    There’s a reason why I’m using this particular header.
    You’ll see…


  2. …and that means DECIDING, which can be so hard sometimes. At least for me.

    **No, no. Make it less personal.**
    …and that means DECIDING. Not a task for the weak-minded.

    **That’s a litle harsh.**
    Not a task for the open-minded.

    **That’s not quite right either. Let me consult a thesaurus**
    Not a task for the fickle-minded.

    Oh well. Writing is hard for people who can see things from all angles. Who tend to analyze every situation. And if they happen to be a perfectionist with a touch of ADD to boot…!
    Heck, if they ever get around to finishing anything…
    Oh geez, it’s lunch time. And this afternoon, I have so much work I have to get to…
    Have a nice weekend, Michael. 🙂

    Wonderful comment, Lolly.
    Yes, deciding is something we must do.
    ‘Killing the little darlings’ has never come easy to me.


  3. yes, I’m afraid she is right. or another way of saying it is, ‘all writing is re-writing’ or something like that. I suppose once you, as a writer, can get over the concept of your words all being carved in stone for eternity then the process of elimination becomes easier to do. sort of like cleaning the toilet, not a task you look forward to but it must be done.

    Never thought I’d see the day that someone could successfully juxtapose the toilet with one’s writing.
    There it is…


  4. Oh bugger, is this where I’m going wrong???

    One has a tendency to hang onto every word written.
    It’s only in the elimination/re-writing proccess that actual art happens.
    Loving the phrase, “oh, bugger.”


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