Maker’s Mark Bourbon Eggnog

Wanted to re-post this one early.
This stuff is almost narcotic.
Check out Maker’s Mark
1 Liter Maker’s Mark
1 Quart milk
1 Quart heavy cream
2 Dozen eggs
1 1/2 Cups sugar
Nutmeg for garnish

Separate eggs and beat the yolks until creamy.
Whip sugar into the yolks, then bat the whites until they stand in peaks, adding a 1/2 cup of additional sugar if desired.
Beat the yolks and Maker’s Mark together and add the whites.
Beat cream into a froth, then add milk and cream to the egg mixture.
Add nutmeg to taste and garnish each cup with a dash of nutmeg for a dash of color. This recipe makes 2 1/2 gallons.
Use pasteurized eggs if you can find them!



16 thoughts on “Maker’s Mark Bourbon Eggnog

  1. sounds yummy…but pasteurized eggs?? does this mean i need to pick them up and go past my eyes with them?? i have to be honest i’ve never heard of them before so i’m somewhat confused..perhaps it’s just a different term to one we use here?
    2 1/2 gallons??? bloody hell between this amount and the 20lb turkey
    i would be like the broad side of a barn by now!!! 😯

    On January 1st, we DIET!!!!


  2. I’m afraid I could only smell this – between the sugar and the liquor I’d be in insulin shock in no time flat. Sounds delish though.

    I hear ya. Heavy on the baaaad stuff.
    I think you need approval from a cardiologist to even buy the ingredients.


  3. Tis the season for Michael’s evil recipes! I was on the eggnog kick this weekend. We have a brand here (ironically) called PA Dutch Egg Nog. It has a lot of booze in it. And it’s delish. I had a lot of it. I was hammered by the first glass but that didn’t stop me from drinking more of course. Nog is the best invention ever!

    Nog Rocks. (that would look great on a t-shirt)


  4. There’s no way this can make 2.5 gallons. I just quartered the recipe and I was looking at it and there’s just no way.

    Ok, now I’m re-reading. It’s 2 (1/2 Gallon) containers, yes?

    Remember the 2 dozen eggs?


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