13 thoughts on “Awww…ducks*

  1. OH NO! When I walk over grates I usually always look down there thinking some small animal(s) will be down there. If there were, I’d totally freak out and not no who to call, etc. It would just be a nightmare. So, maybe the moral of the story is don’t look down street grates!

    I almost named the post “Oh, Grate!”


  2. lol…i shouldn’t laugh i know but i’ve seen similar actually happen when we had ducks….the look on the mother face is priceless…the worst part is having to rescue them because she goes off her brain and attacks you while your trying to do it and when they get you on the arse it hurts…lololol
    nothing like a good giggle…..


  3. Oh, I must correct myself. I didn’t directly link to you in my post,but indirectly I did. I’m not absolutely sure where you are located. I think it’s the Great Northwest? Anyway, I have added your link to my sidebar. Let me know if you disapprove.

    An email has been sent.
    You are linked as well.
    Thanks again, Lolly.


  4. That pictures is both funny and sad. I see that one of the chicks made it despite its stupid mother. 😆

    I noticed that only after you brought it to my attention.
    Interesting. How’d he do it?
    Good eyes, Deb


  5. Yes, I hope the human who took the shots was nice enough to save them, if not, well, even photographers should have some honour. Anyway, the DAS (Ducklings Aid Society) should investigate……

    I’m sure no ducks were harmed in the making of this shot.
    I would hope not, anyway…


  6. Well, how should we interpret this photo? If you’re looking at it in the terms of todays news, this duck purposely led her brood to it’s demise. No one will find them in a storm drain. Or we can look at it in the sense that the strongest survive. Lastly, it was simply a mistake and she now regrets what she has done.

    Psychoanalyzing the ducks again, eh? 😉


  7. Awww.. she really didn’t seem to have seen that coming. 😦

    No, she didn’t.
    I’m surprised at all the attention this post got.


  8. I used to think of myself as somewhat of a mother duck whenever I went to town with my brood. However, I don’t think I’ve ever lost any down a storm drain. Then again, maybe I should go count…..



  9. Well, at least she didn’t pick them up and swing them around like a certain human parent we’ve both read about. I guess this is just nature’s way of weeding out the truly stupid ducks. Survival of the fittest and all that.
    Ok, I’m a softy: I hope someone fished the little shit heads out, too.

    I thought immediately of the woman swinging her baby.
    Funny you should mention that.
    And yeah, you are quite a softy…(me, too)
    Check out Evyl’s comment. It absolutely killed me. 😎


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