9 thoughts on “Coolpics

  1. they are beautiful aren’t they? i downloaded one at work to help me chill out when i’m having a bad day..thank you
    p.s your book stats have gone up, yes? i’m not seeing things am i? i’m sure they were lower than that last time i looked closely. i work with numbers all day so perhaps i’m getting confused in my old age 😉

    These pics can lower blood pressure, I’m sure.
    And yes, my book stats went way up.
    They should be gradually increasing between now and the end of the year.
    Thanks for noticing, Mum.


  2. Oh yay, just what I need, more pics on my comp! Damn you and your great bloody links….

    I’m changing my name to Michael ‘Linkman’.
    Actually, it’s you and your damn Stumbleupon!
    I am sadly an addict… ;((( 😉



  3. They are pretty. I also followed your link under Photo Blogs to Catherine Jamieson. I’m going to try to read more of her tips on designing a photo blog. In my spare time….

    CJ’s blog is pretty fantastic.
    I actually use her pics as writing prompts.
    It works pretty well sometimes for gently pushing my writing in a different direction.


  4. If I recall correctly I WARNED YA!!! Cheeky bugger, blaming it all on me…mutter mutter mutter…!!

    I know.
    I remember.
    (hanging head dejectedly) 😉
    StumbleUpon totally rocks!


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