Director Howard Greenhalgh said
“I didn’t see the video as particularly political, pro war, or anti war.
It’s actually a representation of where we are all at right now.
War infects all our lives; recently it feels that this has increasingly become ‘our way of life'”.

This comment was prompted by MTV’s banning of the video.
Either way, the images are incredibly powerful and I like the song.
The ‘our way of life’ comment struck a chord in me.
We eat a steady daily diet of this crap from the media.
Due to recent events at my daughter’s school, the bullets are getting too close for my comfort.



2 thoughts on “Bombs

  1. I’m a little surprised MTV would ban it. I’m glad you posted it. It was an interesting video. Just one man’s artistic presentation of a few facts of life. We all have our battles, don’t we?

    Everyday, Lolly, everyday.
    Surprised more folks didn’t comment on this one.


  2. I just watched this and all I can say is Wow. That’s some powerful imagery. The song is awesome. The video is phenomenal. I don’t know why MTV would ban it. Too incendiary?
    What we call security in this country is a laughing stock, as evidenced by my observation of the security measures at the airport last week. Let’s pat down the old lady that has no use of her hands rather than focus on someone that really LOOKS suspicious. We’re kidding ourselves. And Bush has done us the greatest disservice. He got us into a bad situation, and now that the walls are crumbling, he is still insisting we can win there. The man is a danger. And as far as ‘living’ with war. I don’t think so. It’s surviving, existing. Not living.

    There’s much to be said regarding this comment, Lass.
    Incendiary? Absolutely. I think that’s really the focal point of the video (and the song)
    As far as Iraq goes, it’s now been declared a civil war.
    What in God’s name are we doing there?
    I don’t get it. Maybe I never will.
    I only know that our soldiers are still dying daily by the hands of these skummy bastards and that really sucks.


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