I got the music in me


I took this musical quiz online last week and thought it was worthy of a post.
My ears have always been very good when it comes to musical tone.
But it’s more complicated than that and you’ll understand why I say that after you take the quiz. It takes @7 minutes to complete and is fairly self explanatory.
FYI, I scored 89.6%.
Love to hear how you do.
Turn on your speakers and click on the pic above to start.


7 thoughts on “I got the music in me

  1. I got 69.4% score. LOL!
    But now I learned that you shouldn’t take the quiz while eating crackers. *chuckles*

    69.4% is nothing to sniff about.
    The ‘crackers’ comment made me think about the cereal commercial where the guy is eating a crunchy bowl of the stuff at work and can’t hear the steaming boss chewing his ass out.


  2. What a fun test, even though I’m a bit disappointed! I only scored 77.8% which is very “normal,” in the 57th percentile. I love music, and was hoping I’d do better. I’d like to see how my husband would do. He’s one of these guys that can recognize songs (that he knows, of course) really quickly as soon as they start playing. He loves music, too, but I can rarely get him to sing in my presence.
    And you scored 89.6%? On your FIRST try? 🙂

    I thought it was really neat as well.
    I’ve played music for more years than I care to remember so I thought my score was at least somewhat justified.
    Actually, I thought I’d score higher. ;-(


  3. Well, I got 75% – I guess that’s pretty okay – normal anyway. It was fun – the differences were pretty subtle though.

    75%? Very nice, Annie.
    Thought you said you had a tin ear? 8)


  4. Hmmm,… 66%, well at least not tone deaf like my husband likes to describe my terrible ear. Good thing he loves me enough to let me sing despite that. 🙂 .

    My mom used to love to rank on my dad whenever he sang simply because he was really bad.
    Sounded like an animal burping.
    My mom could sing…. but Dad? Ah,Yuk…


  5. Mine was 69.4% Correct. But I had a couple of interruptions, and I didn’t know that there were two instances played at first. Took me a couple of questions to figure it out. Duh. Good thing it wasn’t an IQ test. 😉

    Not too bad…
    I think you’d do much better with an IQ test. 😉


  6. Nope I don’t have a tin ear – actually I have a pretty good ear. I can even carry a tune – but sometimes I carry it in the wrong direction. 😉

    That’s been known to happen with really good musicians as well.
    I wouldn’t lose any sleep over it.


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