“If the only prayer you say in your life is thank you, that would suffice.”

~Meister Eckhart

Happy Thanksgiving!
I’ll be cooking up a storm tomorrow night so I doubt I’ll be blogging.
I pray everyone stays safe, has a nice place to go and someone to share some turkey with (don’t skimp on the damn gravy either).
Sad to think that some people don’t. . .
Please say a prayer before you eat for those that have much less than you.
We are all so blessed sometimes and we just don’t realize it.
I have a 20lb Butterball in the fridge to prove it.
On Thursday, I will thank the Lord above for all you readers that continue to visit me and pray that by evening my stomach doesn’t spontaneously combust.
You rock tryptophan.
And I hope your favorite team wins. . .
And your gravy isn’t lumpy (well, maybe a little bit)
Any questions about your turkey, click on the BB logo below.
I’ll see you on Friday.



6 thoughts on “Thanks

  1. And a very happy Thanksgiving to you, Pam and all your loved ones. May the food be great, the drinks divine and the company and enjoyment even better.

    Thanks, Kell.
    I begin cooking tonight!
    Happy T day…


  2. Happy Thanksgiving to yourself, Pam, your kidlets and whoever else you’re sharing it with, or see 🙂
    20lb? now THAT’S a turkey, so it’s going to need LOTS of gravy and vegetables i’m thinking..(wiping drool from mouth as i type with one hand!)

    Yeah, 20lbs…
    And yes, I expect copious amounts of fat-laden gravy.
    None of this ‘low-fat’ shit.


  3. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. What a terrific holiday. Food and family–no gifts to buy. Just gather with your family, eat and be thankful. Nice! And yes, we will remember those less fortunate in our prayers. Thanks for sharing your heart with us all.

    My wife and I are with you on the ‘no gift’ holiday thing.
    Food, family and football…
    Can it get any better than that?
    Happy Thanksgiving to you, Laurie.


  4. 20lbs-You will need help! What time does the feast begin?
    See you then-enjoy!

    2PM. Come on over!
    We have enough food to feed a small army…


  5. Happy Thanksgiving America and all of your loved and forgotten ones. We North of the boarder have had ours (mental note, need to review why dates are different) and made it past the aches and pains of full stomachs. Free piece of advice regarding birds, remove the celophane wrapping that you might find wrapped around the inside of a Turkey BEFORE baking! Cheers SP


  6. No tryptophan coma for me! Maybe sugar shock as I have a gigantic pumpkin cheesecake and ice cream cake in my fridge along with the fruit struedel. I will definitely be fatter tomorrow!! Have a super-duper turkey day!!!


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