Pucker Up

Smooth. . .



8 thoughts on “Pucker Up

  1. I hope they offered free vacinations afterward. 😉 You are one sick puppy Michael. I have an uncontrollable urge to brush my teeth now.

    I stand right next to you, Sarah… (brushing away)


  2. OH thanks to the gods that I had already eaten when I watched this!!! I will admit to laughing out loud – but only a little bit 🙂

    Does kinda get the stomach going, huh?


  3. ok….different, but then i’ve seen men AND women that kiss like these guys and that’s a LOT worse let me tell you…bloody funny all the same 🙂
    and a-pop’s comment? “sick man…sick, but bloody funny, i think i like this guy!!”
    (no surprise there i have to tell you!!)

    They should come and take me away to the funny farm somedays…


  4. I showed it to my pre-teen daughter to warn her away from wanting to kiss such good looking guys. Thanks! LOL

    A great tip for Mom and Dads, Jenn. 😉
    I usually tell my daughters: People in cars cause accidents. Accidents in cars cause people.


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