Cats that look like Hitler


Click on the kitty above.
And please, no comments pointing an anti-semitic finger at me.
Besides, these ‘kitler’s’ look more like Groucho Marx than Hitler to me.
Oh, the internet is such a kooky place sometimes. . .



10 thoughts on “Cats that look like Hitler

  1. i’m not a huge cat lover but these are great…there’s one on the site called trouble and i have to say it looks smashed off it’s face…too many cones by the looks of it 🙂
    i used to have one with the whole hitler thing happening…psycho little mongrel it was, so we named it spit…very appropriate because that was all it ever did!
    love the new header…looks great

    I think you may be talking about Chloe.
    She definitely looks schnookered.


  2. Cute kitties. 🙂 I’m with anonymum about the header pic. It’s so Dahli.

    I love Dali.
    I just liked the pic so I tried it as a header.
    It’s good for this weekend anyway… 😉


  3. When I get too serious or down, I come to your blog, and laugh my head off,,,,,,,okay, now I’ll put my head back on and be good!

    Thanks, Matty.
    I have to say it always amazes me when folks comment that my blog makes them laugh.
    Though laughing your head off is always a good thing.
    Thanks for the visit.


  4. You know whats scarier than a cat who looks like Hitler? Someone who would pay money for a domain name called “”
    Sure is a fucked up world sometimes aint it?

    Sure is a fucked up world sometimes aint it?

    This blog is sometimes a testament to that exact thought.


  5. Wow! It’s pretty funny the things you find online when you cant sleep! 🙂 I’m not sure I would be proud of having a cat that looks like Hitler…

    How about a cat that looks like Groucho?


  6. Cats are weird.
    Mainly, I want to compliment you on your header. I like it. Did you take the photo?

    Hey Lolly-
    No, I didn’t take the picture.
    It was something I found online and thought it was pretty cool.
    Thanks for the comment (and the visit).


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