I love Blondie


10.24.2006 was the last time I wrote anything in my journal.

I have written since but not there.
It’s my first day back at work after a week or so off.
I feel far, far away from rested and rejuvenated.

My week off didn’t find me on some tropical island sipping a drink with an umbrella. Instead, it found me getting a much needed oil change for my truck, raking the ‘goddamned perpetually falling’ leaves, stocking my cellar with @ 2 tons of anthracite coal, attending my daughter’s soccer games, reading a dear friend’s manuscript
(which I will refuse to destroy because once she’s rich and famous I can hawk this thing on Ebay for God knows how much money
(yes, I’m kidding AMR) ; things I can never seem to find the time to do when I’m working.

I hear you asking,” Was it at least a bit restful?”

I guess so.
I did do some napping.
Does anyone else enjoy napping in the middle of the day as much as I do?
I could care less what’s happening on the outside.
Just let me sleep.
I so loooove naps.
Always have, always will.

I’ve often thought that if I could be a cartoon character, I’d be Dagwood of the ‘Blondie and Dagwood’ comic strip.

Look, the guy loves huge, extravagant sandwiches at midnight, naps whenever he thinks he can get away with it and he’s married to a serious looking blonde with a totally killer body. Hell, she hasn’t changed in like….20 years; must be the aerobics or something.

Dagwood rocks, but Blondie totally rules.

I’ve heard it said, ‘No vacation goes unpunished’ – this wasn’t a vacation so I’m not sure what to expect today.

The weather perfectly frames my state of mind; London-like, misty, rainy, dismal.

There I go again, setting myself up.

The train is suddenly moving and my life is in motion.

I am once again back on the merry-go-round. . .




12 thoughts on “I love Blondie

  1. I knew we were kindred spirits…the afternoon nap should be made compulsory! In fact it’s the only positive thing about Zoe going to school….not sure what I’m going to do on the holidays…
    p.s. don’t work too hard!

    So you’re a napper, too?


  2. sounds like the time i take off..by the time it’s over i need to go back to work for a rest…i’m not much into the nanny naps, but then i go to bed with the chooks some nights which is similar
    take your lovely wife away for a weekend and do nothing but eat, sleep (well, not ALL the time) and drink..play hookey on the friday and just go..

    Just curious, what’s a chook?
    Sounds like it could be many things… (naughty & nice)


  3. Welcome back to the merry-go-round. Mine is going so fast I’m dizzy. I’d love to stop this thing and just get off!
    Your vacation time sounds much like a vacation with my family. Yes, we go fun places and see great sites. We visit family we haven’t seen forever and generally have a great time. When your the Mom however, there is no such thing as “vacation” time, and these big trips leave me completely exhausted. My vacation is when everyone is gone and I can have that afternoon nap!
    Don’t work too hard!

    I never work ‘that’ hard, Jen. 😉
    Thanks for stopping by.


  4. Bitchin-bitchin and more bitchin!
    You need to go find your happy place!

    I love bitchin’ Poofy. What can I say?
    I was going to say my ‘happy’ place was next to you but that sounded too odd.
    With all the ‘college’ stuff you and the Mrs. are going through right now I thought you would have started a blog.
    You’re a natural, buddy, and I just know you have a few great rants in you.
    We need to do beers really soon, dude.


  5. sorry…chook is poultry, specifically a chicken…it’s an aussie thing..can be naughty and nice..with gravy is nice, following is naughty..
    the difference between erotic and kinky? erotic is a feather, kinky is the WHOLE chook

    Oh, chokin’ the chook. Ok.
    I get it now. Heh, heh…
    And kinky IS the whole chook. Gizzards and all.


  6. My mom and dad had a cat named Blondie. She died before I was born. Which means she’s been dead about 40 years since my birthday is next week. EE GADS! Anyway, I’m with you on the naps. I have to find the Muts cartoon someone gave me. It’s a nap cartoon. Ahhh!

    Early Happy B-day, Carn. I’m assuming you’re 39??? 8)
    A cat named Blondie, huh? I like it.


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