Back in’81 I began following this band called the Yellowjackets.
It was a band that combined traditional Jazz with Fusion, a more complex form of the original. I know, you have no idea what that means.
You don’t have to.
Just know I immediately fell in love with the incredible music these guys made.
Tonight, I’m going to see the Yellowjackets live.
I am excited beyond words. I will stop there.
Give a listen and a look above.
The song they’re playing is titled “Revelation”.
I’ll be back to more regular posts next week.
Have a great weekend, peoples!


5 thoughts on “Yellowjackets

  1. Hey Mike,
    Hope you had a great night and you got to meet the bass player and have the cool musician talk kind of chat. I know you’ve been looking forward to this for a long time – so I’m glad you got to see them. Hope it was all you wanted it to be and more.

    A bit tough to talk to any of these guys.
    Everyone in the room wants to have a go with them.
    Did meet Ferrante (my favorite God) but it was just small talk.
    Tremendous night. We sat @8 ft. away from Ferrante the whole night.
    Like I said, I’m at something of a loss for words here.


  2. Sooooooooooooooooo, was it as good as it was in “81”?

    It was better. Hard to put into words what I saw last night.
    Truly amazing. Ferrante (piano) and Haslip (bass) are Gods.
    A great night all around.
    We wished you guys were there.
    Maybe next year. . .


  3. often we find our memories are far different to the reality…when we find something as good it’s great, but to discover it’s better? pure delight 🙂
    i’m glad your night was good


  4. The band members look a bit different(a lot less hair).I do think they sounded better than in this video. The bass player was amazing. Had a great time- Thanks!! Pam


  5. I gave my piano a melancholic stare as I entered my practice room. I guess I was in a state of musician shock after witnessing virtuosity at its finest. I woke up the next day wondering if it was a dream. Did my spirit travel with the gods to another dimension? I don’t know.
    What a night!! Thanks for your company!! It wouldn’t have been the same without you.

    Back atcha, brother. . .


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