What color is your brain?

my brain

I’m usually not one to take these Quizilla quizzes but I thought this one was particularly cool. It totally nailed the color of my brain.
Though it did miss some of the more bizarre/enigmatic tics. . .
Click on the pic above to take the quiz.
What color are you?


ps. Thanks for sitting in, Kell!
pps. my wife’s brain is ‘gold’. . .


13 thoughts on “What color is your brain?

  1. blue…pegged me other than a couple in the “With family” part

    Blue is very cool. I wasn’t surprised at all.
    Try the quiz again and make believe you’re Julie Andrews in “The Sound of Music”
    That could be a high school science project…


  2. The first results came up Gold, but the description was totally unlike me, as I am NOT organized and hate math. 😆 There were several questions that I could have gone either way. I redid the test and came up with Blue. Maybe I should combine the two together for a Green result??


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