Happy Halloween


This year I think I may go as a bald guy.
What do you think?
Yeah, I know, not too creative.
Sweet Dreams to all. . .


7 thoughts on “Happy Halloween

  1. We could trade costumes….I’m going as a pregnant mom. 🙂

    Have a fun Halloween!

    Jennifer (I really enjoy your site btw)

    After all the candy I ate last night, I feel like a pregnant mom. . .
    Thanks for the visit, Jennifer.



  2. I think I’ll go as a blogger – just me in jammies with a keyboard around my neck. What do you think? hehe


    If you had a wireless laptop, you could blog between houses.
    Actually, I don’t think many in my neighborhood know what a ‘blogger’ is. . .


  3. well if we had the trick or treat thing there’s no way i’d be going as a blogger…i don’t wear jim jams 😆
    now you’ve got me thinking…hmmmm..will need to ponder that one…


  4. is the black just for halloween or is it permanent michael? i quite like it now that i’m over “wtf, i was only here 5 mins ago and it didn’t look like this then!!” 🙂


  5. Anonymum & WriterChick –

    There are times when I try out different things. It might just be the header, sometimes the entire template.
    Yes, you caught me messing with my junk last night. ;(
    I promise to leave it alone.
    At least until the weekend. . .  😎



  6. A bald guy huh? Think you can pull that one off? I’m not too sure…hehehehehe, hope it was a good one!
    Hugs and Kisses

    My daughter and I had the neighborhood to ourselves to ‘Trick or Treat’.
    She ended up getting 100% treats with little to no tricks.
    Weather-wise it was a superb night (for a nice walking cigar!)



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