I have a hat that was given to me several Christmases ago by one of my daughters.
It’s a black Timberland hat that’s soft and stretchy and feels good on my freshly shaved noggin.
I wore this hat to bed the other night because it was a bit chilly.
That night, my head was filled with dreams, hence the name ‘dreamhat’.
I’ve worn it a few times since and the result has been the same: numerous dreams.
I’m thinking it has something to do with the heat generated by wearing it but I can’t say for sure.
I had a dream that was a bit sad, maybe a bit telling as well.
My nocturnal playground was shrouded in a gossamer like fog as I walked into a dimly lit library. I saw her immediately, bent over a book, studying.
I stood there not wanting to disturb her and just watched in silence.
Lately, I’ve been missing my oldest daughter and feel that to be the catalyst responsible for the dream.
I stood and observed for what must have been a millisecond of what I understand to be forever. Shadows danced on the walls lined with books and there was the unmistakeable sound of a distant and muffled piano.
Her voice shattered the crystal silence that hung heavy in the library.

“I know why you’re here but you have to go.”

“Why?” I asked.

“Because you have to let me go for a while,” She said.

“But I don’t want to.”

“I’m never far away, you know that.”

I felt myself being drawn away from her, unable to stop.
I wanted to say goodbye but my mouth wouldn’t let me form the words.
I was a frozen man wearing a silly dreamhat.
The dream leaves me standing alone in a thick fog, unsure of where to go. . . confused.
Shreds of memory still linger hours later but seem disjointed and outlandish.
The forecast says it will be another chilly one tonight giving me another chance to wear my hat and another chance to dream.



10 thoughts on “Dreamhat

  1. wonderful…haunting….wow!

    Oddly enough the dream really didn’t spook me much.
    It came off as more bittersweet than that.
    The fog throws me though. . .
    As always, thanks, ZN.




  2. ah yes, the whole bittersweet thing..it’s seems to just be the lot a parent doesn’t it? and i hear you on the missing them too 🙂

    Figured you’d cue into the missing thing. . .



  3. M……… I remember telling of the dreams I’ve had sinced the passing of my nephew…In the several that I have experienced in my dreams like you had here I experienced the same fog like mist before seeing Brandon
    quiet a experience that the first dream made me wake up and tears began rolling down my face…

    The dreamworld is a very powerful thing. It amazes me.
    I wore the hat last night and got the same damn results.
    Guess what I’m wearing on my head tonight… (don’t get wise, now)


  4. They leave-they come back-they leave and come back with Grandkids!
    How is that M~?

    Thanks, dude.
    I just aged 40 years in 5.2 seconds. . .



  5. lololol @ lg…I DEFINATELY hear where YOU”RE coming from..it’s really great once you get used to it michael..trust me 🙂

    I’ll get back to you on this in about ten years or so. . .



  6. Hm, love those types of dreams, despite the confusion, probably because there’s such a pure sense of truth while you are in them.
    Am off to bed now, inspired to dream….
    PS. once again, love your writing……

    Get yourself a nice, soft nightcap.
    I’ve had dreams every single night since I began wearing it. Odd. . .
    (and thank you, for the nice compliment)



  7. That’s a great post! As LG said, “they leave, they come back – they leave and come back with grandkids.”
    They leave again and don’t come back often enough….

    Thanks, Lolly.
    And no, they don’t come back often enough…


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