Mother of the Week Award


Sometimes an award needs to be given to a deserving individual.
Smoke and Mirrors recognizes this talent and wants badly to give the individual their due.
Click on the picture above to read a short article about the first recipient
of S&M’s ‘Mother of the Week Award’.
You rule, Chytoria, but next time (and undoubtedly there’ll be one judging from the current judicial system) do the universe a favor and swing yourself from a rope, you twisted waste of skin.
Oh, and Congrats!

13 thoughts on “Mother of the Week Award

  1. OH. MY. GOD.
    what gets up my nose is that oxygen bandits like this bitch seem to breed like rabbits and people who really SHOULD have children, can’t….
    sorry…almost started ranting….the idea of a blog of my own comes to mind when i see things like this…somewhere to really hold forth….going home to speak to kel tonight


  2. may she rot in hell! and where the hell is all the public outrage about this? first I’ve heard of it. I hope that baby is going to be okay – poor angel.

    Amazing the stuff we let slip silently by, huh?


  3. Oh……MY…..GOD
    I’m speechless. Sterilisation comes to mind here. Without the anesthetic, and I don’t mean the chemical kind.

    Sadly, it would never happen.
    Yeah, this woman could breed again.
    Downright scary.


  4. This is the first time I’ve heard about this, and like SnotSucker, I’m not surprised. I can only hope that these kids are able to have a happy life despite their crappy childhood.


  5. Sad. Other than that, I’m lost for words.

    I second that emotion.
    I think I just wanted to make people aware of the situation.
    And yes, it is profoundly sad.
    Thanks for the visit MD. . .



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