The Man Song

An email from the creator of “ManTown” inspired this little post.
Thanks, JB.
Ladies, you will love this.
Short and sweet.
Enjoy. . .


7 thoughts on “The Man Song

  1. hey Michael, I can’t see it 😦
    Can you email it to me??? Please??? Pretty please with sugar on top??!!
    Mum can’t hear it at work either so you’d be doing us both a favor 🙂
    Cheers, Kelly


  2. Never mind…it worked 🙂
    What a pissa!!!!
    We both loved it…I know a few people who could learn from this 🙂
    Cheers, Kelly & Anonymum

    Yeah, it’s good one.
    I was so psyched when I found it on Youtube.
    Frickin’ funny.


  3. I have been to ” Man Town” to visit JB.
    Yes, he does wear flannel and yes he is about that old.
    He does not live in the main house, but his little dog house out back fits him well!

    You’ve been to ManTown?
    I’m so jealous.
    He’s about that old and still riding a Harley, huh?
    Very impressive… 🙂


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