A bit of a bald guy infomercial here.
Sorry, ladies.
I bought a Headblade the other day after hearing about it from a friend.
The idea and technology involved make it a desirable product for those of us with a naked coconut.
So Fuzz and Ash and any other crazy cueballs, check back in a few days for a full review.
I also joined the ‘HB Street Team’ through their main website.
They send you bumperstickers and various cool Headblade promo stuff for free.
Pretty cool tool and at 15 bucks a pop, it’s affordable too.
Stay tuned . . .


the way


12 thoughts on “Headblade

  1. Actually, before and after shots wouldn’t do much good. A bald head is a bald head either way you look at it.
    I planned another *update* post last night but my DSL went MIA . . .
    I hate when that happens.
    Check back tonight.



  2. Nick has a Headblade. He’s had it for a few weeks and loves it. Says it takes some getting used to, but now it’s awesome. When he first got it, the directions say it’s only compatible with one kind of blade. But if you call them on their 800 number, they’ll send you some kind of adapter and a bumper sticker.

    I’m finding it takes time as well.
    How many times did Nick shave with it before getting used to it?
    Just curious…


  3. It took him about a week or two to get it down smooth. Mainly because he was new to shaving it. I’d have to clean up a few spots for him.

    I need to talk to Pamela about helping me.
    Lord knows I need the help . . .


  4. I shaved with a regular razor (used the Fusion and Sensor Excel) for about a week before I found the Headblade. So, it didn’t take long to get used to it. I’m still trying to find the best gel to use on my dome. I’ve been using this stuff called Sharp’s that I got from Target. Baby Oil seems to do well, but is messy and clogs the razor.

    Edge Gel works fairly well and doesn’t gunk up too much . . .


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