Flanigan – Pure Fiction


I’ve been meaning to tell the readers here about a very special blog I discovered recently.
Sarah Flanigan is a site where the fiction writing of this enigmatic artist resides.
If you have the time, stop by and look for a post called “Velma, the Candy Lady”.
Wonderful stuff.
Spend some rainy Fall day there and get lost in the many stories just waiting to be discovered.
I’d tell you more about Sarah but she’s a bit of a mystery to me.
Maybe that’s part of her charm.


5 thoughts on “Flanigan – Pure Fiction

  1. 🙂 I will have 2 check it out! There are sooo many great blogs out there, it is getting hard 2 keep up on them all. I haven’t been able 2 make my rounds like I was, I’m trying 2 open a business here, and it is very time consuming! But, I will get here as often as I can!

    You visit, you like…
    Thanks, SB.


  2. Interesting…I’ll have to look into it too. But I’m in SB’s boat, I’m running outta time. Jeez, so many blogs…so little time.

    SF is right up your alley…so to speak.
    ps. lovin’ the avatar…;)


  3. Why thank you for the very lovely introduction. I’m blushing.

    You’re welcome, SF.
    It’s well deserved.
    I’l be by soon…


  4. as always for blogs of the quality that you recommend, i will add this one to my favourites and visit often…i may not comment but will always be there…in fact i lost half an hour this morning in what seemed to be 2 mins 🙂

    You are a great visitor, ZN.
    I wouldn’t sweat the comments, just read…
    I’m sure SF appreciates the traffic.


  5. Hey Michael,
    Thanks for the headsup on this site, I got a funny feeling that i’m going to enjoy it 🙂 reminds me of someone else you introduced me too…..hehehehe
    Cheers, Kelly

    Really? (((((grin)))))



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