Boston Lullabye


I’m having one of those ‘same old, same old’ days today.
When the pedestrian routine of my daily life sucks the creativity out of my soul, I get a bit cranky.
Creativity takes energy and lots of it.
The neighborhood is blanketed in a vapid fog, an early morning pall of mist, as I drive away from the house.
It makes the drive to the train station a bit outlandish, eerily transforming the lights that line the highway into surreal alien ships from some cheesy 1970’s Sci-Fi flick.

I feel so tired and antique, an old man with younger skin that’s slowly on the verge of molting. My internal needle registers an ‘E’ and I’ve neither the money nor the slightest inclination to even put five bucks in my tank (even thought gas is now a measly $2.47 a gallon, go figure).
The various bumps and steady vibrations of the train usually lull me to sleep;
my 50 M.P.H. Boston Lullabye . . .
I’ve no doubt this morning will be the ‘same old, same old’.

My weary mind drifts along as I watch the steady blur of the rushing tracks outside my window.

As I close my eyes, I mentally cross my fingers and whisper to myself, maybe today. . .



7 thoughts on “Boston Lullabye

  1. That sounds perfectly peaceful…at least you have part of your day when you can sit back and let someone else be in charge…while you recharge.

    Somedays are better than others.
    Hard to re-charge when you’re sitting upright, ya know?


  2. M..always believe that during these times Mom is still with you…Since the passing of my nephew Brandon I have had experiences where he he come to me in my dreams and always peacefully..the last time was Christmas Eve last year the first time he spoke in any of them and his words to me were, “Everything is OK Uncle Gerry”
    I woke from the dream, it was so real in a way.. it brought me to tears… but I know he is in good hands….

    Dreams are curious things, huh?
    Nice one.


  3. Hey! Knock it off, you’ve got a memoir to write. And a novel to read. So hup-to – no slacking. LOL, did that wake you up?
    In the wise words uttered by someone whose name escapes me ‘this too shall pass.’
    In the not so wise words of WC – “you ain’t dead yet.”
    PS: It is my job to kick your butt, right? 😉
    [dejectedly, slowly]
    Yes, Ms. WriterChick… Wham!*&%$ (forehead hitting desk) 😎
    Have you been watching my graph?


  4. Michael–If you can write something as evocative as this when you’re NOT feeling creative, well…
    There’s something about early, early morning that clarifies life–even on a foggy morning.

    This was pretty weird one, to be sure.


  5. Hey i’m with Deb, if this is what you can do when your creative juices AREN’T flowing, can’t wait to read what you call the good stuff….i’ve missed your thoughts mate, i’m glad to be back.
    Cheers, Kelly

    The blogosphere has missed you as well.
    Nice to have you back.


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