Coach Osama?


Let’s say that hypothetically you have a child in high school.

This child also plays a sport.

They come home one night from practice and hand you THIS.
(scroll to the bottom of the page for a sample of a letter written by Mitch Albom)

Said child is then instructed to visualize their team as ‘America’ and see the opposing team as Osama bin Laden.

Hypothetically, this misguided and unjustifiable inspirational tactic is tasteless and just shy of unconscionable; to use one of this nation’s greatest tragedies as a coaching tool for children truly makes one truly wonder about the future of scholastic sports and some coaching styles as well.
Is this the kind of vicious mentality you would want instilled in your child?
I guess I’m just wondering…hypothetically, that is.
And why on earth would anyone use the words of Mitch Albom for a purpose such as this? Albom is a wonderful writer and would find this scenario incredibly disturbing.

Any thoughts?



7 thoughts on “Coach Osama?

  1. Whatever happened to the nice, jovial coaches who were about reaching to be better, trying harder, winning because you earned it? It seems if it’s not one nutjob, it’s another.
    Maybe the coach would be better advised to use quotes from Vince Lombardi or Sparky Anderson.
    Very tacky indeed.


    I’m truly gobsmacked.



  2. Does the banner that they run through at the start of the games read: ‘Let’s roll’?
    I bet they have some really strange cheers.

    No banner (great idea, though) & ayup…


  3. I think you should let the coach know that you don’t appreciate his trying to instill hate as the motivator to play better. It might make him think. Do it nicely though, wrapped up with praise for something he’s done well.

    You get more with honey than with vinegar, yes?
    I agree.
    I’m going to see how this whole thing plays out before I go into action.
    Maybe I should just send the AD my URL…


  4. What ever happened to Win one for the gipper”?
    Or “Let’s go out there and remember have fun!”

    I think those phrases ended up in Hollywood and stayed there.



  5. What I want to know is when did it become ok to use God as a motivator for ‘beating’ someone else. First this, then before you know it kids are ‘fighting’ in the name of God, and doesn’t that sound a little too familiar for thousands of kids who live in other countries? I’m not a religious person as you know, but this is just plain WRONG…..
    Cheers, Kelly

    Believe me, I couldn’t agree more, Kel.


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