Happy Birthday, P.A.M.


Pieces of me, live inside of you; a sotto voce whisper to your soul that says ‘home’…

A crystal green glance that harbours a power and stills my heart…forever…

Mesmerized by you…

Everyday, in every small and insignificant way as…

Love grows its deep roots in this garden of life…and I thank God for you…

Always, love…


Happy Birthday, Pamela.



5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, P.A.M.

  1. Thanks for making my birthday an occasion to always look forward to.The meal was excellent ,the trifle was superb and I really liked my gifts. The best part was that the family was all together-doesn’t get much better than that!

    You are welcome.
    Let’s do it again next year…


  2. Pam:
    Our very best for a GREAT Day!
    Still owe you a Stoli Doli at the Capital Grill.
    Tell M it is time to loosen up the wallet.

    All that comes out of the wallet is stale air…
    Go figure.
    Pamela says, “thanks!”


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