365 Sunsets

Click on the picture above and never miss another sunset…I mean it.
Wicked cool.



9 thoughts on “365 Sunsets

  1. Far out! But I have to say from personal experience, there is nothing, and I mean nothing like a California sunset over the mountains – worth the price of admission for sure!

    Can’t dispute that, Annie.
    I’ve never been west of the Missisip so I guess in many ways, I’m jealous.
    Someday, I’ll get out West and see the Pacific. God willing…



  2. I’ve seen some spectacular sunsets where the sky was a brilliant pink and purple.

    I love pinks and purples at sunset.
    I always think of the animated scene from Monty Python and the Holy Grail with the little man scampering outside his house to tell the Sun to set…
    Have you seen that part of the movie?
    I’ll explain in an email if you haven’t. (that’s if you want to know)



  3. The best sunsets I ever saw were those on Fremantle beach in Western Australia. They were simply gorgeous. I found them unnerving though because I was from the other side of the country, and anytime the sun was way down near the water, it meant it was morning. When I was in Fremantle and I was heading to work at night time though, the body would wake up when seeing that sunset cos it thought it was morning! Weird how our bodies get used to a certain thing isn’t it?

    Your sunsets are confusing the hell out of me…. (lol)



  4. Thanks for a great link. It’s a bit strange that we say ‘sunrise’ or ‘sunset’ when we’re the ones moving. I got the 2007 Farmer’s Almanac, so I can prepare for the sun’s glory each day.

    PS Uranus will be visible 7 times next year!

    No comments on Uranus…



  5. Sure I click on the link and I get Tehran, Iran…wonderful little place, but not a sunset I would appreciate IMHO.. unless there’s a little cloud in the background…

    A mushroom cloud, right? 😎



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