Steve "Jake" Jacoby


I visited the DC Roe website the other day and saw that there was a bit of a dilemma.
It seems that there were a number of blogs/URL’s that turned out to be invalid.
This left many victims of 9/11 without a tribute.
It was optional to request a second victim but I felt I had to.
The man you see above is Steven D. Jacoby. Steve was the COO (Chief Operating Officer) of a paging and wireless messaging service called Metrocall.
He was on his way to Los Angeles departing from Dulles Airport in Washington, D.C. on American Airlines flight 77, the plane that struck the Pentagon.

An online guestbook provides some nice insight into who Steve Jacoby really was.
From all that I’ve read, it seems he was a man that broke the mold of the ‘traditional’ business executive by his humility and uncanny ability to relate to his fellow worker.
He was a friend first, a boss second.
Steve left behind a wife and three children.
I hope and pray that in his final hour he was able to utilize the communications company he worked so hard to make successful.
I pray he was able to just say goodbye.
Godspeed, Jake…


*for more tributes, go to DC Roe



4 thoughts on “Steve "Jake" Jacoby

  1. You are absolutely beyond wonderful, to take on a second tribute. I was so touched by the notations I found in online guestbooks as well. There was one, with no capitization or punctuation, that was left by a little girl, who said that the man I wrote a tribute for had a young daughter, and the author of the post was her best friend. She said how sad her friend was, and how much she missed her daddy. It broke my heart. God bless you for making sure that no one was left out.

    There’s no need for anyone to be left out on a day like today.
    If I helped achieve that in some small way, I can go to bed happy tonight…
    The comment from the little girl would have broken my heart as well.



  2. Michael, thankyou for doing a second tribute. That guestbook was just heartbreaking, but compelling reading. The simple thoughts of people who knew Jake. And he should have been a 40’s movie star!!
    Kelly (somehow the “cheers” just don’t fit right now does it?)

    No, I guess “cheers” doesn’t seem right.
    I  was very happy to do a tribute for Steve I just wish I’d had a bit more time to prepare it.
    At least his name is here for the world to see.
    May he rest in peace…



  3. I worked for Metrocall in the Chicago and NW Indiana area for 9 years. I think about Steve Jacoby sometimes and although I only knew his as a corporate figure, I know that employees always spoke well of him. There were many that were not so cordial in the business. I am a teacher now and I try to make an effort to talk to students about 9-11. I always write his name on my chalkboard and tell the students about him. Most of my students said they did not really remember 9-11 because they were in kindergarten. Funny how it seems likes yesterday for me.

    It does seem like yesterday in many way.
    ‘Jake’ was a great man from what I’ve read about him.
    This comment pretty much confirms that.
    I thank you so much for having the courage to post a comment as many people don’t.
    Take care of yourself and know that I will be thinking of Steve when I kneel in church tomorrow morning.


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