In 1985 (ish), I picked up an album called “Nocturnal Playground” by a guy named Russ Freeman.
Little did I know that 20+ years later I’d still be listening to the Rippingtons, Freeman’s band.
I only mention this because I’m going to see them tonight in Cambridge with our good friends, Liz and Leo.
If there’s anything noteworthy, I’ll post something over the weekend.
I will say that I’m psyched to know that Kim Stone is playing bass again. He’d left for a brief hiatus.
That means nothing, right?
I’ll tell you all about Kim the next time.
Click on the pic to visit the band website.
Hi-ho, Hi-ho…


ps. if you’re reading this LG, bring an extra “key” in case they still can’t find the one they lost the last time we were here.
I wonder if they know “Beautiful Goodbye” yet?


4 thoughts on “Rippingtons

  1. M>
    Great show and night!
    Looks like Liz lost the key!
    Oh, hopefully when you shower this am the autographs on your head will not wash away!


    I forgot and shaved it off! Gooooh!!



  2. Hope you had fun! How was the performance?

    The performance was great, Snot.
    I didn’t care for the drummer or the keyboard player but everyone else was wonderful.
    Nice to hear some stuff I haven’t heard in a while and nice to have a night out with the Mrs…



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